Friday, September 24, 2010


This blog makes no sense.  Case in point above.  But, if you look past all the nonsense, such as Toasted'll see the true beauty of it.  It's not "LOLSORANDUMGUIS", it's...magic.  You're witnessing a magical thing coming up from the rubble.  This is ground-breaking, this is spectacular, THIS IS SPARTA (not really)...this is Spaghetti.  So grab a fork, and dig's delicious.

>Implying you all give a fuck.  


  1. lmao so interesting. glad i followed.

  2. i do not give a fuck. i do, however love spaghetti

  3. That picture hurts me head for some reason

  4. turned to head to view the car, then i was in Australia

  5. I find your blog fun to read and very addicting, so I've decided to Follow you.

    I have a blog as well, which you can follow if you're interested. It's the life story of a badass, modern Pecos-Bill-type character told in daily vignettes. I'm looking for actual readers, rather than just clickers/supporters, so if anyone's interested, feel free to take a look. =)

  6. Would you eat it in a house?
    Would you eat it with a mouse?

  7. followin 'n' supportin 'n' fappin bro :)

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  8. Speaking of magic, you know what else is magic? FUCKING MAGNETS! How do they work man?

    Follow me baby:

    For sum reason google won't let me follow ATM but I shall do the bizzle again l8erz!

  9. like your blog, lots of magic in here.

    following you now!
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